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Graphic Design

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Combine art & technology

The program is designed to prepare students to be able to inform, persuade, direct, organize, entertain, and attract attention to their designs.

A Graphic Designer needs to be able to make the strategic placement of images and text by combining art and technology in order to communicate a message. LaSalle College Istanbul's Graphic Design Diploma program ensures students graduate with all of the necessary skills to design a brilliant career by learning to apply the fundamentals of design, typography, illustration, and production procedures in creative communication problems and projects. In addition, students can learn how to meet the needs of clients quickly, creatively, and economically.

The program, given in English, consists of 6 terms and each term is 12 weeks. This education, which is followed for 3 years around the world, is completed in 2 years as our school continues in the spring terms. There are 11-week holidays in the Summer, and 1-week holidays between the terms.

Our students who successfully complete their education are entitled to receive the Graphic Design Diploma sent by our headquarters in Canada. The graduates of this program are also given a certificate from Turkish based Beykoz University.

This program starts in January, April, and October every year.
  • Adobe CS Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver)
  • HTML language
  • 3DMax
  • Possibility to have a Canadian Diploma
  • Possibility to have the dual completion document with The Turkish based Beykoz University's certificate
  • Ability to complete the 3-year intensive program in 2 years by attending in the Spring terms
  • International student exchange opportunity between the schools of the LCI Education network
  • Develop digital imagery, animation, and special effects
  • Design web pages
  • Essential design techniques to produce graphics for print, web, brand development, and other media
  • Convey clear, concise, and compelling messages and how to present a series of project ideas to clients
  • Strong theoretical and practical knowledge with a focus on digital graphic design
  • The basics in areas like colour, illustration, image manipulation and explore concept development
  • First-hand knowledge of product packaging, posters, art direction, and branding
  • To provide solutions in a global and competitive context, as well as acquire an entrepreneurial vision
  • Ability to design by understanding the customer's request and transfer the concepts to the customer
  • Education at international standards with the education curriculum created according to industry requirements
  • Career services support for professional development

Term 1

  • Drawing
  • Color Theory
  • Digital Imaging 1
  • Visual Communication
  • Concept Development

Term 2

  • Digital illustration
  • Digital Imaging 2
  • Typography
  • History of Art and Civilization
  • Corporate Identity

Term 3

  • Electronic Design
  • Production Procedures
  • Advanced Typography
  • Fundamentals of World Wide Web
  • Portfolio I

Term 4

  • Design and Technology
  • Advertising Design
  • Website Development
  • History and Analysis of Design

Term 5

  • Art Direction
  • Foundation of Electronic Production
  • Digital Visual Composition
  • Dimensional Design
  • Computer Animation for Multimedia

Term 6

  • Final Project
  • Portfolio II
  • Professional Development
  • Website Development II

This education is suitable for all candidates who have just graduated from high school; those who have completed their education in other branches at the university, but do not want to work in that field; those who have not been able to study graphic design for various reasons, but who have remained unfulfilled desire; those who would like to complete their education at international standards in Istanbul and start their professional life as a professional.

There is no aptitude test or score assessment is made before our education, and our students are selected by conducting an interview. During the interviews, their passions for the related education, and their acceptance conditions are evaluated. Students who pass the interview and the English Placement Exam may complete their registration.

Contact us by filling out an information request form to evaluate your registration situation and discuss your career target!

This program is offered in English. The acceptance level is upper-intermediate (B2)

We assess English levels by testing our potential students if they are not native English speakers. Based on the results of this exam, we place students in our prep class if necessary. Students can share English level documents such as IELTS or TOEFL.

You may contact us if you need support to increase your English communication skills.