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Interior Architecture

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Are you passionate about interior design? Do you have plenty of design concepts in mind when you look at a space?  If so, the Interior Architecture Program at LaSalle College İstanbul will give you the skills to pursue a career as an interior designer!

This program will take you from the basic principles and elements of design to full renderings in Photoshop and AutoCAD. During your studies, you will work with different shapes, colours, textures, materials and lighting to design interiors.

These interior design courses will also develop your skills to incorporate design theory and material & furniture specifications to create 2D and 3D plans. Graduates may choose to follow one of three career path options: residential, commercial or institutional design.

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  • Acquire knowledge of the materials and finishes used in interior design.
  • Learn to design functional and aesthetic residential, commercial, and institutional spaces that respect the client’s needs and constraints.
  • Learn to sketch and illustrate an interior design concept.
  • Learn industry standards and presentation skills.
  • Explore and perfect hand and computer-assisted drafting.
  • Interior Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Concept Space Designer
  • Design Consultant

Offered in English, the Interior Design Program consists of 6 semesters, 15 weeks per semester for a total of 90 weeks.

By the end of this 2 year program, you will have completed 1965 hours that entitles you to a Diploma in Interior Design.

This program begins in October and February.

Term 1

  • Materials & Finishings 
  • Technical Drawings I 
  • Visual Language
  • Interior Design I
  • History of Styles & Interior Design I
  • Drawing from Observation

Term 2

  • Maquette
  • Interior Design II
  • Drawing & Rendering
  • Technical Drawing II
  • Computer-Aided Design I

Term 3

  • Three-Dimensional Organization
  • Architectural Environnement
  • Applied Colour
  • Architectural Drawing I
  • History of Styles & Interior Design II

Term 4

  • Image Processing
  • Interior Design III
  • Furniture Design & Production I
  • Architectural Drawing II
  • Computer-Aided Design II

Term 5

  • Furniture Design & Production II
  • Lighting 
  • Synthesized Image I
  • Interior Design IV
  • Architectural Drawing III

Term 6

  • Interior Design V
  • Furnitures & Acessoiries
  • Synthesized Image II
  • Architectural Drawings IV
  • Professional Practice

LaSalle College İstanbul’s Interior Design  program curriculum is based on the interior design program developped in Montreal according to Canadian educational standards. Graduates of this program are awarded a Diploma in Interior Design that is issued from Canada and recognized internationally and by the Turkish Ministry of National Education.

  • You must be 18 years of age or a high school graduate.
  • You must have working knowledge of the English language.
  • You must pass an interview with an admissions officer.