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English is the language that commands the international arena and provides career opportunities abroad. Speaking English will automatically improve your quality of life by giving you access to careers of international scope. With a working knowledge of the language, increase your opportunities to travel and communicate with more people. Choose from intensive, part-time, private or corporate courses to suit your specific needs. Whether you are a beginner or a manager wishing to perfect your employees’ English language skills, we have the course you are looking for!

Do you intend on pursuing higher education in English? Do you envision living or working in an Anglophone environment? Register for intensive English preparation lessons and quickly improve your reading, writing, listening and verbal language skills. Based on a placement test we give you before you begin your lesson, you will be assigned a level suitable for the language skills you possess, whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Do you want to maximize your time and effectively learn English? With our private English lesson, enjoy a one-on-one language training entirely adapted to your needs. From the duration of a class to the frequency and class content, we offer you the flexibility to make your own schedule and focus on specific language skills that may be more challenging for you, such as verbal communication, reading comprehension or pronunciation.

In order for you to achieve a solid command of the English language, your teacher will base exercises and homework on a variety of themes that reflect your real-life situation. So whether you are preparing for a vacation getaway, or pursuing a career in an Anglophone setting, register today and access private English lesson in sessions of 10 hours or more!

LaSalle College İstanbul is pleased to offer you this private lessons!

Do you want to improve your English language skills but are just too busy to do it? Taking part-time English classes is the ideal solution for you! Two-hour lessons only twice a week is all you need to benefit from your part-time language studies and gain confidence when you need to use English in your everyday life.