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March 26, 2020
FAQ For Future Students:

The current situation can lead to many questions about planning your studies. Please note that the LaSalle College Istanbul team is working and registrations are still open for the Fall term.​

1. Will the Summer (or Fall) term still take place? ​

Yes, for the moment, the Summer term starting in June and the one starting in October will take place as planned. There will be no first term in Summer. The new registrations will be held for the Fall 2020 term which will start on the 5th of October. However, the education will continue in Summer and in Fall. The College is closely monitoring the quickly evolving situation with COVID-19 and is considering all scenarios, including the possibility of taking your courses online. LaSalle College has been a pioneer in online training for nearly 20 years, and therefore we are able to offer you an efficient learning environment at the cutting edge of technology. ​

To keep you up-to-date on all the actions taken by the College in this regard, you can consult the "News" section on our website: http://en.lasalle.com.tr/news . ​

2. Will admission fees be reimbursed if I register and I cannot start my term as planned? ​

Yes, in order to provide you with peace of mind, LaSalle College will refund your admission fees upon request, should you not be able to start your term as planned (school closed, unable to enter Turkey, etc). ​

3. If I register for the Fall term and the situation continues, can I postpone my term? ​

Yes, absolutely! Your application at LaSalle College Istanbul is valid for one year. This means that you have the possibility to postpone your starting session at no additional cost.​

4. Should I register for the Winter term rather than the Fall term due to the current situation? ​

As of now, the summer, fall, and winter terms, which starts in June, October, and February will continue to take place as planned for the students. Should the campus remain closed, we have the infrastructure in place to offer online classes. LaSalle College has been a pioneer in online training for nearly 20 years, and therefore we are happy to be able to offer you an efficient learning environment at the cutting edge of technology amid the current situation.​

5. Is the admissions office still open? ​

Yes, our admissions office continues to operate on a regular basis and our admissions advisors are happy to answer any questions you may have. They are available to assist you with your admission request and to process your file. ​

Feel free to contact us:​

By Email ​

info@lasalle.com.tr or you can write to your admissions advisor.​

By Web Form ​


By Messenger 


By Instagram​


* Please note that due to school closures, there will be no in-person meetings at the admissions office until further notice. ​

6. Are admissions requests being processed as planned? ​

Yes, our admissions advisors continue to process all applications remotely and your admission request will be processed within the usual timeframe. ​

7. Is the College still open? ​

No, currently the institution is closed until April 30th inclusively, as recommended by the government. ​
To keep up-to-date with all the actions taken by the College related to the outbreak of COVID-19, you can consult the "News" section of our website: http://en.lasalle.com.tr/news

8. Are there any confirmed cases of COVID-19 at LaSalle College? ​
Currently, we have not any cases among our students, teachers or administration team members on the Istanbul campus. Should a case be confirmed, the information would be provided to the public by the appropriate health agency, in accordance with its protocols.

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