COVID-19 Update: FAQ for future students
COVID-19 Update

FAQ for future students

November 24, 2020

FAQ for Future Students - During COVID-19


The current situation can lead to many questions about planning your studies. Please note that at LaSalle College, registrations continue for the upcoming semesters.


During the COVID-19 period, many of our programs that are normally offered on-campus (on-site) in a classroom setting will be given remotely or in hybrid mode. More practical courses or programs will be given priority on campus.


We are monitoring the situation closely and our goal remains that LaSalle College will continue to offer some of the best services and supports to the students in the province, both on campus and remotely.


Scroll down for answers specific to future international students.


1. Will the winter term still take place?

Yes, the Winter 2021 term, which will be starting on the 25th of January, will take place as planned. Rest assured that all the rules issued by the Ministry of Health will be respected. Among other things, we still expect that many of the programs normally offered on campus in a classroom setting will be given remotely or in hybrid mode.


LaSalle College has been a pioneer in online training for nearly 20 years, and therefore we are able to offer you an efficient learning environment at the cutting edge of technology.


2. Is the College still open?

Yes, the College welcomes several students every day who have courses on campus. All sanitary measures are in place to provide you with a safe and secure environment:


* If you have symptoms related to COVID-19, stay home. You will not be allowed on campus.

* Wearing a mask is mandatory.

* Wash your hands as you enter the building.

* Please keep your distance and respect the signage.


3. Are admissions requests being processed as planned?

Yes, our admissions advisors continue to process all applications, even remotely. Your application will be processed within the usual timeframe. Our admissions advisors are happy to answer any questions you may have.


4. Can students begin their studies with LaSalle College online from their own countries if they have not yet applied for a study permit?

Yes, all international students can attend classes online. Exceptionally, since there is no precise information about when the travel restrictions will be lifted, it's beneficial to all international students to begin their studies remotely.



5. If I start my online studies from my own country without a study permit, if my application for a study permit is later rejected, what is my involvement at that time?

You can graduate and obtain a diploma all while attending class virtually.


6. If I register for the Winter term and the situation continues, can I postpone my session?

Yes, absolutely! Your application at LaSalle College Istanbul is still valid. This means that you have the possibility to postpone your starting session at no additional cost.


7. With the closure of the language testing centers, are the English standardized tests still required to register for an upcoming term?

In the absence of appropriate language testing facilities on account due to the extraordinary current circumstances, LaSalle College will accept alternative language standardized tests in order to complete an admission request. LaSalle College recommends that its candidates take either the Duolingo English test or the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition test to comply with the admission requirements. You may also contact your Admission Advisor if you would like to be tested by LaSalle College Istanbul.



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