LaSalle College Istanbul starts Game Design & Visual FX Programs

Our Advantages

  • A curriculum based on Canada's number 1 Game School
  • Unique Design Arts majors program
  • Learn from industry professionals
  • Opportunity to undertake part of your studies abroad
  • A trimester academic calendar, allowing you to obtain your degree in just two years
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LaSallle College has been rated #1 School in Canada for Game Design programs.

Istanbul Campus will be offering these programs in October 2020 by following the same curriculum. LaSalle College Vancouver graduates have worked on an astounding 66 Oscar-nominated films, including eight of the ten top-grossing films of all time. We have been rated the #1 school in Canada, and in the top 10 in North America by the "Princeton Review." As the first International Design School, LaSalle College Istanbul once again brings Canadian know-how to Turkey with new valuable programs.

Jump start your career and begin in the ever-growing gaming and film industries.

Are you a gaming fanatic? Fascinated by the virtual worlds that can be created with game design or VFX education? If so, LaSalle College Istanbul's Game Art & Design School programs are just for you! Come and join our Game Art & Design, VFX for Film & TV, 3D Animation for TV & Cinema or Video Editing programs.

Programs offered
Programs offered


  • Game Art & Design
  • VFX for Film & Television



  • 3D Animation for TV & Cinema
  • Video Editing

Each 4-month term is comprised of tightly integrated courses, designed to provide students the opportunity to accomplish industry standard skills. Students will go from novice to professional in 2 years.

Career Services

At LaSalle College Istanbul, your instructors will do everything they can to help you build the marketable skills and mental toughness to compete in the real world. But the support doesn’t end there. Our Career Services team offers a bundle of valuable resources to help you plan and launch your professional future.

Open your Mind to a World of Design
We welcome you to join us, as you grow to become a Creative Warrior! Make it Happen!